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Is Final Damage important?

Final Damage Review

Final Damage Calculation  by chaose5 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


Final damage (FD) is a mysterious stat to many players, old or new because the game never really explain much about it.

Before the sea dragon patch, final damage used to be calculated in this way:

Each hit + x final damage

If you have x final damage, you will see an increase of x damage per hit to your damaging skills. So basically, the old calculation of final damage benefits only skills with multiple hits.

However, after the Sea Dragon patch in korea last year (Dragon Nest Infinity patch), final damage calculation have been revamped. 

Recently, Catastrophe update has been final damage being boosted.


The korean developer gives the following info and examples with regard to the change of final damage calculation in the official update notice:

1. A level 40 player with 300 FD hits another Lv40 target - deal an extra 12.35 % damage.
2. A level 40 player with 700 FD hits another Lv40 target - deal an extra 65.24 % damage.
3. The damage boost due to FD is dependant on the level of the target: higher damage boost to lower level targets.  
4. The maximum additional damage possible from FD is 100% (double damage)
5. The effect of final damage is nerfed in pvp.

First, it must be noted that now all skills regardless of number of hit, enjoys the SAME % of damage increase. 

The table below shows the final damage value, with their respective % damage increase, versus target of lvl24, 32, 40 and 50

These information can be plotted as:


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